Smoking After Birth and During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and parenthood are more than just purchasing baby toys and baby bibs in Malaysia. Apart from researching about baby care, you also need to care for yourself. This boils down to dealing with unhealthy habits. If you and your partner are smokers, you should know that smoking after the kid is born, or while pregnant, can increase the changes of cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

According to research, around 30 percent of cot death cases could have been avoided if moms chose not to smoke during pregnancy.

How can you keep the baby’s environment smoke-free?

  • If you and your partner are smokers, don’t share the bed with the baby. This can increase the changes of SIDS, even if you are not smoking in the bedroom.
  • You and your partner must not smoke after birth and during pregnancy
  • Keep the kid out of smoky places.
  • Never let people smoke near your child.
  • Keep your car, home and other places near your baby smoke free

Even if you didn’t smoke while pregnant, you should not expose your child to smoke right after birth. That way, you can reduce the risks of SIDS.

Quitting your smoking habits is not easy. It would require tons of discipline, but trust me, this effort is worth making. If you can, seek professional help.

How can you give up your smoking habits?

Giving up smoking can be very tough, but it is worth it for both you and your baby. You have the best chance of succeeding by getting help from professionals.

Are e-cigarettes safe for babies?

No research backs up the safety of e-cigarettes. However, using e-cigarettes appear to be a lot safer compared to actual smoking. Giving up smoking completely is the best choice, though.

Is breastfeeding safe while smoking?

Breastfeeding has plenty of benefits. Whether you are a smoker or not, there is no doubt that this is the best way to feed your child.