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Criteria In Buying House

Criteria In Buying House


The property developers of MCT Group Executive Director, Datuk Danny Goh has stated that there are five main criteria that need to be look out by the buyers or the investors especially in buying the residential property.


  1. Location

The location of the property acts as the huge element especially on the value of the property. Datuk Danny Goh has stated that, the most suitable location on the property should be located within 45 km from the city centre to increase its convenient to the resident.

However, there is no such thing at the perfect location, as it dependable on the needs of the individuals and the residents itself. The most important aspect on the location is, it should be within the acceptable distance to the city where there is high number of opportunities on job for the residents.


  1. Amenities

The primary and secondary amenities are also one of the important aspects before officially proceed on buying a property, specifically on buying the house.

The primary amenities should be within 5 km from the property. The example of primary amenities are:

  • Schools
  • Clinic
  • Neighbourhood shop

The secondary amenities should be within 15 km away from the property. The example of secondary amenities are:

  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets

Besides, it is also important for the families in choosing residential property that are not too far from any school, for the convenient of their children. If choosing a property that further from the amenities that are needed, it can lead towards major difficulty and it is inconvenient for the family, especially for the children.


  1. Security facilities

Another important aspect before proceed on buying the property or any residential property, is the facilities on security. Despite having the most strategic location and having the perfect amenities as dependable on the needs, without the availability on the security facilities, the property is considered to be unsafe and unprotected.

The example of facilities that had been implemented with the security facilities are being include with gated and the guarded communities. In prioritizing the safety of the residential property, the implementation on the security should be part from the development of property as part of the criteria that need to be focused on.


  1. The branding and the size for the development

In ensuring on the market property and the value of the property to keep increase, it is important for the investors or buyers in examine on the branding and the size of the development.

It crucial especially in maintaining or improving the market value of the property as the time goes by, rather than simply reducing on the market value up until the point where no profit gain from the investment of the property. Once the property had being considered as no market value, the investment on the property can be declared as a failure, and that should be avoided by the investor or buyers.


  1. The commitment of the developers

Last but not least, another important aspect before officially proceed on purchasing or investing on the property is to determine on the commitment of the developers in terms of their credibility.

Selection on the credible developers is crucial especially in fulfilling their promise towards the development of property especially on the development of the residential property.


Buying and owning property is everyone dream in having their personal asset in ensuring the guarantee of their future, yet there are few criteria that need to be examine to ensure on the process of purchasing the property is credible and legit for the sake of the future investment.


Christina Rose

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