While breast milk provides the most complete nutrition to babies, including sick newborns and premature ones, there are rare exceptions when breastfeeding is not recommended. It’s easy to shop for baby milk bottles in Malaysia, but nursing a newborn can be overwhelming. Before taking home your baby home from the hospital, make sure that you know the following conditions. 

Mothers must NOT feed expressed breast milk, or breastfeed their babies if…

  • Mom is using cocaine or PCP (phencyclidine), or any other illicit street drug. 
  • Mom has confirmed or suspected Ebola virus disease. 
  • The baby is diagnosed with classic galactosemia. This is a rare genetic metabolic disorder.
  • Mom is infected with HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. Though, breastfeeding recommendations may differ from country to country. 

Mothers must temporarily NOT breastfeed, and must NOT nurse expressed breast milk to babies if…

  • Mom has an active HSV, or herpes simplex virus infection, along with lesions on the breast. However, breastfeeding straight from the other unaffected breast is possible. 
  • Mom is suffering from untreated brucellosis.
  • Mom is taking some other medications. 

Moms must NOT breastfeed temporarily, but MAY feed expressed breast milk if…

  • Mom has active varicella infection which developed around 5 days prior to baby’s delivery.
  • Mom has active, untreated tuberculosis.

Are medications completely safe to take while breastfeeding?

Very few medicines are contraindicated while mothers are breastfeeding. Although lots of medicines do pass into breast milk, many of them have no known negative effect on infant’s well-being and milk supply.