Best Gambling Stories

Read These Wild (and slightly heartwarming) Gambling Stories

Have you heard any gambling club stories recently? And not online stories from gambling sites like Ignition Casino or Newtown Casino, I’m talking about real gambling stories. We totally have and we’ve granted them to you. In response, we got likely the most odd, interesting and craziest betting stories, ever. We picked the best ones for you to appreciate.



Quite a while back, there’s a mom and her daughter were playing video poker machine. They’ve been doing this for a quite long time for their bonding as a mother and child.

Hours have passed, when her partner is about leave for work,  he expected to give him an allowance and everything he needs for work. But he didn’t see this coming, he found a $450 under the lampshade and reading the note “Enjoy your day, love hon.” How sweet it is.



When I was at the casino late night, I used to play the games I loved. And invested too much. Well, I don’t use my own savings just for this but I have my another savings just for this. I lost sometimes, but when I won I have a lot of cash to take home. Well, for you to know that this was also the night that I saw my partner in life was playing games also. And now, we are very happy together with our son and daughter. We already cut our relationship with the casino and living life for what we deserve than earn money by gambling.



We used to go to the betting club in the city every now and again, yet I’ll never forget this one night in light of the fact that the next day we expected to get a plane to Italy to go to my sister’s wedding.

Following a couple of long periods of wagering, my father saw that he had played all the money we had, including the money proposed for my sister! We had one hundred dollars left! Notwithstanding I have the photo from that club session, I’ll never forget it. We had the ability to give my sister an undeniably superb gift.