1. Most online gambling platforms are not rigged.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of online casino games are not really rigged. Most slot machines work with the help of a so-called random number generator. This means that your 100 th and first spin present equal chances of winning. That is how it is designed to function. There are also figures that denote the average return.
Games such as blackjack and poker can feel rigged, most especially if you are losing. Since no physical dealer is present, it’s difficult to ensure that the cards which are coming out are not predetermined.

2. It’s impossible to count cards in online blackjack.

Blackjack is one of the most exciting online casino games in Thailand. Playing it online provides the same level of rush as playing in a brick and-mortar casino. If you are lucky enough, your wins can pile up fast. You can also experience losing streaks, though.
Are you thinking of cheating on online blackjack? Well, it wouldn’t work. While several people make money from tricks in brick-and-mortar casinos, it wouldn’t work online. Just accept your loss, and walk away.

3. Online casinos are not legal everywhere.

The operation of online casinos are not legal everywhere. It really depends on your location.
Before signing up on any gambling platform, review the laws of the country you are in first. Not understanding the regulations and laws is not an excuse. While tons of authorities turn a blind eye on gambling, it’s still best to know the law.

4. Online casino bonuses are not all good.

Are you new to online gambling? If yes, chances are, you are not yet familiar with casino bonuses. Casino bonuses, promotion and rewards are results of the intense competition in the online gambling industry. For many people, these bonuses are too good to be true. To get access to these bonuses, you need to meet certain requirements, and follow strict terms and conditions.

5. More than 70% of online gambling industry profits come from online slots.

Slot machines are goldmines for casino operators. According to research, around 70% of the gambling industry profits came from slot games online. This doesn’t mean that playing online slots is a bad idea. Just remember that casino operators generate big profit from these machines.